Texas Railroad History - Tower 195 - Pittsburg

A Crossing of the Louisiana & Arkansas Railway and the St. Louis Southwestern Railway

Pittsburg, founded in 1855, was one of the early towns established in Texas and was originally spelled "Pittsburgh", like the city in Pennsylvania. In 1893, to comply with a ruling by the U.S. Board of Geographic Names, the Post Office dropped the 'h' from the town name, and it retains that spelling today [hat tip to Don Harper for the link]. The first railroad through Pittsburg was the East Line & Red River (EL&RR) Railroad in 1878. After numerous ownership changes over many years, this line became owned by the Louisiana & Arkansas (L&A) Railway. In 1939, the L&A was acquired by Kansas City Southern (KCS) but was officially operated as a separate subsidiary until 1992.

In 1880, the Texas & St. Louis (T&SL) Railway built from Big Sandy to Texarkana, passing through Pittsburg and crossing the EL&RR. The T&SL had been originally chartered as the Tyler Tap Railway and had built from Tyler to Big Sandy in 1877. After bankruptcy and a series of ownership changes, the line became owned by the St. Louis Southwestern Railway, commonly called the "Cotton Belt".

Tower 195 was established sometime in the late 1940s. It was not a manned tower, but the specific type of interlocker and its controls are undetermined. Both lines remain in active use today. KCS still operates the L&A line while Union Pacific is the successor to the Cotton Belt line.

Site Views, Tower 195 Crossing

Above: This Google Street View of the Tower 195 site faces north. The track in the foreground is the northbound Cotton Belt. The KCS crosses east/west in front of the orange building. Below: This Google Street View looks east along the KCS tracks toward the crossing diamond.

Tower 195 Location Map

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