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Historic Photo - Tower 64

The original Tower 64 around 1930.  The track straight ahead is looking toward Commerce, Texas on the St. Louis Southwestern (Cotton Belt).  Track to the left is the Missouri, Kansas and Texas toward Denison.  Structure that can be seen in the distance is the MKT Hunt Yard office in Greenville, Texas.  Photo from the 2001 Katy Lines Calendar produced by KRHS.

The current structure that still stands at the crossing appears to be the lower half of the original
Tower 64.  Photo by Myron Malone.


Photo by Myron Malone


Photo by Myron Malone.

This interlocker protected the crossing of the MKT and the Cotton Belt (SSW) on the west edge of Greenville. Both lines are still active. The MKT line from Garland to Bells is now utilized by the Dallas Garland and Northeastern. The former Cotton Belt line is now operated by the Blacklands Railroad.

Tracks and right-of-way for the Blacklands Railroad are owned by the Northeast Texas Rural Rail District. This is a political entity formed under fairly recent laws of the state of Texas. Groups wanting to preserve trackage up for abandonment in one or more counties can form a rural rail district. They can apply to the state for monies to purchase the ROW. In the case of the Blacklands Railroad, they operate the line under agreement with NETEX.

There are two other crossings at grade in Greenville that are not part of this interlocker listing. One is the crossing of DGNO (ex-MKT) and the KCS (ex-L&A, nee MKT) and the other is the crossing of the Cotton Belt (Blacklands Railroad) and the KCS. This last crossing was interlocked by the KCS in the late 1980's and does not have a Railroad Commission of Texas crossing number.

Historically, there was at least one and possibly two or three more crossings at grade in Greenville. However, those railroads and crossings are now long gone. None are believe to have been interlocked.

Text by Myron Malone.

Location Map - Tower 64
Map by Jim King.

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