Fairmont Motorcars
Photos of operational motorcars, motorcar runs, restoration efforts and equipment related to railroad motorcars.

 Fairmont S-2 - xT&P C1452

Only in Texas can you mix motorcars and bluebonnets!

Please enjoy the photos of my restoration efforts along with operational photos and other motorcar related items presented here on this site. To contact the owner of these motorcars and this website, send an e-mail to: webmaster@fairmont.txrrhistory.com

2008 Motorcar Runs

 Pecos Valley Southern Fairmont S-2 Acquisition

  Memorial Day Motorcar Runs in North Texas

 Arkansas-Oklahoma Railroad NARCOA Run by ORM April 12

 Ector, TX; January 08

Farmrail Railroad NARCOA Run Jan 19

2007 Motorcar Runs 

 Hill Country Railroad Association - Motorcar Work Session 3/10/07

  Hill Country Railroad Association-NARCOA Run Sept07

 NARCOA Motorcar Rally Along the Llano River  3/17/07

  Austin Steam Train Association - Motorcar Run Sept07

 Texas State Railroad - Gulf Motor Cars - NARCOA Trip 4/14/07

 Texas Weeds on Labor Day - 2007

Memorial Day 2007 - Greenville, TX to Bells, TX

 Ector TX, Clearing the line 11-16-2007

 x-T&P Bells to Bonham Segment - 6/30/07

Burnet RailFair 2007 - Motorcar Run

2006 Motorcar Runs 

   x-T&P Bells to Bonham Segment - 6/30/07

 Southwest Railcar British Columbia NARCOA Trip July, 2006 

Turkey Run 2006 - Motorcar Run Greenville to Garland  

Items of Interest 

  Motorcars at Rosenberg, TX - Rosenberg Railroad Museum

  KCS Diner #52, former Trinity Valley at Klondike, TX 1/08

  Northwestern Motor in north Texas

 Plasser-American Tamper

 Backstock - Hulks for parts or future restoration

 Motorcars at Auction in Michigan; Oct 31 2008

 Fairbanks-Morse 40-B Motorcar

 Motorcars in Active Railroad Service

 Tamper TMC-2 - Detailed Photos

 Handcar - owned by Jeff Cooney

 Rosenberg Railroad Museum S2-F Restoration Effort

Louisiana Equipment to Texas

  MCCA Fairmont Motorcar Identification Documents

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