Motorcars at Auction in Michigan


Hear are some photos of Speeders that we will sell at auction Oct 31 and Nov 1, 2008.  There appears to be 4 motorcars total to be sold at this auction.  The photos below are in no specific order, so match the photo to the machine you are interested in.

This equipment is located at:
StageCoach Stop USA
7203 US 12
Onsted Michigan 49265 is the parent web-site
Web site specific to this auction is:
Advertising flyer in .pdf format specific to this auction is:

E-Mail contact:  "Rick Bahlau" <>
Phone: (517) 467-7277

speeder 1
speeder 1.jpg
speeder 10
speeder 10.jpg
speeder 11
speeder 11.jpg
speeder 12
speeder 12.jpg
speeder 13
speeder 13.jpg
speeder 14
speeder 14.jpg
speeder 15
speeder 15.jpg
speeder 16
speeder 16.jpg
speeder 2
speeder 2.jpg
speeder 3
speeder 3.jpg
speeder 4
speeder 4.jpg
speeder 5
speeder 5.jpg
speeder 6
speeder 6.jpg
speeder 7
speeder 7.jpg
speeder 8
speeder 8.jpg
speeder 9
speeder 9.jpg