x-T&P Bells to Bonham Segment

With permission from my friends's employer, DGNO, we ventured out on a segment of the former Texas and Pacific mainline from Texarkana to Whitesboro. Many portions of this former secondary main are now gone. This segment, from Bells, TX to Bonham, TX had one customer remaining in Bonham until about two years ago. Once the manufacturing concern shut it's doors in Bonham, no rail traffic has moved over this line in two years or more. Last time we had our motorcars on this segment was August, 2006. The line was beginning to show effects of overgrown vegetation at that point, but a severe drought in North Texas hampered the vegetation's encroachment.

With on overabundance of rain this spring and early summer, the line is almost impassable. This could be the last movement over this segment before nature reclaims the right-of-way.

SV1 001
SV1 001.jpg
SV1 002
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SV1 003
SV1 003.jpg
SV1 004
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SV1 005
SV1 005.jpg
SV1 006
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SV1 007
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SV1 008
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SV1 009
SV1 009.jpg
SV1 010
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SV1 011
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SV1 012
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SV1 013
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SV1 014
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SV1 015
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SV1 016
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SV1 017
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SV1 018
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SV1 019
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SV1 020
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SV1 021
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SV1 022
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SV1 023
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SV1 024
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SV1 025
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SV1 026
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SV1 027
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SV1 028
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SV1 029
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SV1 030
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SV1 031
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