Backstock Motorcars
Other motorcars I own.  Most will require extensive rebuilding or will be used as a parts source for other projects.

Identity of this car is unclear to me. It is a Portec or Tamper? I acquired the fiberglass cab a few years ago, and was able to recently acquire the undercarriage that was mated to this cab. The shortline railroad had turned the frame into a motorcar trailer and used it for a few years. I recently spotted the frame on a junk pile at the railroad and with permission, acquired the frame. Maybe one day it will see a restoration to some kind of motorcar service.  
I believe this shell to be an M-19. Please update me if you have better information. There is no engine or transmission in this car. It appears there was an Onan engine in the car at one time.  
When I spotted this car, it was on top of a junk pile at a junk dealers yard. It took me two years to convince the elderly owner I was serious about purchasing the car. He finally "plucked" the car from the top of the pile, using a hook through the windshield while exerting upward pull with a crane. This effort resulted in the bowed out look to the windshield. Car has a RO-C engine that is rusted solid.  
 The remnants of this car, an extra windshield and extra axle round out the various parts I have gathered over the years.