Texas State Railroad - NARCOA Motorcar Trip - 4/15/2007
Sponsored by Gulf Motor Cars - Kelley Rick
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Editor's Note:
If you were involved in this motorcar run, I would be glad to add your digital photographs to this presentation.  Please contact Myron Malone to have your photos added to this page.

The unpredictable Texas spring weather threw us a surprise on April 14, 2007 for the NARCOA motor run on the Texas State Railroad. We were expecting mild temperatures and hopefully sunny skies, but it was not to be. Conditions were thick overcast skies with winds of about 15 mph and gusty. Temperature at seton was 52 degF. The temperature actually fell to the upper 40's as the day wore on. Despite the weather our hosts, Gulf Motor Cars lead by Kelley Rick of Houston, and the Texas State Railroad, did an excellent job of coordinating a motorcar trip between the daily operations of their steam and diesel powered passenger trains. Both trains seemed to be very full of paying passengers.

Please be aware that as of time of this event, the future of the Texas State Railroad is very uncertain. Severe budget cuts to Texas Parks and Wildlife have drastically impacted the Texas State Railroad and the adjacent Rusk State Park. A lack of state funding has impacted operations by employee layoffs and curtailment of train operations. There is a high probability that the railroad will cease operations and become a static display at the end of the budget year, which is the end of August, 2006. Many efforts are underway to prevent this occurrence, but all help is needed by the rise of public voices to Texas State Leaders to let them know the importance of properly funding ALL state parks.

Another threat to the Texas State Railroad is the possible construction of the Fastrill Dam and Reservoir. Building of the proposed dam on the Neches River would result in the destruction of the Texas State Railroad which draws some 80,000 visitors a year to ride the steam and diesel passenger trains between Palestine and Rusk. The lake created by the new dam would inundate much of the track, requiring either a bridge across the water or a complete shut down of passenger excursions.

Please become involved in some way to help protect operations of this historic piece of railroad and this beautiful natural area. Here are some additional links for more information on the above mentioned issues.

 Texas State Railroad

 Texas Parks & Wildlife; TSRR

 Save Texas Parks

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