Texas Railroad History - Tower 182 - Lufkin (Prosser)

A Crossing of the Texas & New Orleans Railroad and the Angelina & Neches River Railroad

Lufkin has been a railroad town since its founding by the Houston East & West Texas (HE&WT) Railroad in 1882. Ten years later, it became the county seat of Angelina County and it has been a center for the east Texas lumber industry since then. In 1900, the Angelina & Neches River (A&NR) Railroad was chartered to serve lumber interests in Angelina County, eventually building east into Nacogdoches County. The A&NR crossed the HE&WT north of Lufkin at a community known as Prosser. In 1899, the HE&WT came under Southern Pacific (SP) control, and in the late 1920's, it was leased to, and eventually merged with, Southern Pacific's Texas & New Orleans (T&NO) subsidiary.

In 1936, the Railroad Commission of Texas (RCT) authorized Tower 182 to interlock the A&NR/T&NO crossing in Prosser. SP records obtained by Carl Codney list Tower 182 as a "ground lever" interlocker, a design that is neither a swing gate nor a cabin interlocker. Recent photos showing an equipment cabinet at the crossing indicate that this was later changed to some kind of electronic interlocker. While Prosser has been swallowed by the growth of Lufkin and Union Pacific has succeeded SP, the A&NR continues to operate over the remnants of the original line through the Tower 182 crossing, used by the railroads as a traffic exchange location.

Tower 182 Site Photos (photos by Mark St. Aubin, March 2018)

Above: Facing east along the A&NR, note the derail in use in the foreground. The cabin adjacent to the crossing probably houses relays (if still in use.)
Below: The Tower 182 electronic relay cabinet sits parallel to the UP line; another cabinet is with the "Prosser" sign located north of the crossing.

Above: Facing east along the A&NR, two tank cars sit on the exchange track located in the southwest quadrant of the crossing. The diamond is located between the stop sign and the metal cabinet. (Jim King photo, 2007)

Satellite Image, Prosser Crossing

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