Texas Railroad History - Tower 192 - Fort Worth (Purina Jct.)

Text by Jim King - 1/6/2002

The Railroad Commission of Texas files at DeGolyer Library at SMU have shed some light on Interlocker 192 in Ft. Worth. The title of the interlocker drawing in the file is "4th St. Jct., 6th St. Jct. and Dalwor Jct.", and the correspondence indicates that it was an automated interlocking of Rock Island lines controlled from the Rock Island dispatcher's office. It was placed in service on August 26, 1946.

I am not very familiar with this area of Ft. Worth so it is not absolutely clear to me where these junctions were located. Given that some abandonments may have occurred in this area since 1946, I don't know if the tracks that show on current maps show these junctions as they originally existed. The drawing also mentions "Harts Spur" and "Sylvania". Can someone provide a precise definition of the location of these three junctions? And if anyone can shed some light on operations through this interlocker, we will gladly include it on the Interlocker 192 page we are building for the Texas Interlocking Towers web site.

Text by Mike Murray - 1/7/2002

South like that would be at the Y at the bottom of the hill just south of the original Peach Yard. Dalworth would be the east end, 4th street would be the south end, and 6th street would be the north end of this Y.  Trains coming from the east could either go north to Peach Yard or south toward Tower 55.  Trains coming from the north could go east toward Dallas or South toward Tower 55.

Trains coming north from Tower 55 could either turn east toward Dallas or continue north to Peach Yard.  This area was just rebuilt by the Trinity Railway Express.

Westbound TRE trains enter the south leg of the Y at Dalworth JCTand run to the main that runs up the hill toward Tower 55 and just after they hit the main a new switch has been put it that turns them to the southwest trough the new cut that takes them under the BNSF line and through the building (can't remember it's name) into the new Transportation Center in Fort Worth. Eastbounds do the reverse.  I have seen a Dalworth Jct. sign at the east end of this Y.

Misc quote:
For the Frisco to get to 8th St. Yard, either from the station or from the main line it all begins at the wye known as
6th St/Purina/Dalwor Junctions.

Text by Tim Geeslin - 1/7/2002

6th Street is at the southwest end, 4th Street (some call it Purina Junction) is at the north end.

The Texas Zephyrs and Twin Star Rockets used FTW Union Depot (Santa Fe Depot). Accessing the depot required going through this interlocking and Tower 55. I suspect the trains faced forward going up the hill to Tower 55 and backed into the station. They would then pull out of the station back down the hill and depending which direction they were going, 6th Street
junction-4th Street-Dallas or 6th junction-Dalwor-Denver/Minneapolis.

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