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A Crossing of the Texas Short Line Railroad and the Texas & Pacific Railway

This interlocker was located in Grand Saline at the crossing of the Texas and Pacific and the Texas Shortline Railway. There is a nice tribute to the Texas Shortline Railway on the side of former UP Caboose 25739 located about 1 block north of the ex-T&P depot that is now used as a public library and community center. The text from the display, compiled by the Grand Saline Historical Association reads as follows:

This tribute is dedicated to the Owners, Employees and Customers of the Texas Shortline Railway.

1845 Salt Industry begins in Grand Saline
1901 Incorporated on February 28, 1901 to build a railway from Grand Saline to Alba, 10 miles, to carry coal to Grand Saline Salt companies. $200,000 Capital.
1902 Roadbed completed with use of as many as 100 mule - fresno teams.
1909 Short Line into receivership.
1909 Shortline purchased by local investors. Principal tonnage: Coal and Cotton. Passenger service extended.
1929 Texas Shortline Railway purchased by Texas and Pacific Railway.
1930 Railway extended to Van (~10 mi. south) to serve development of oil field.
1941 Morton Salt converts to natural gas.
1959 Railway discontinued to Alba.
1962 Railway service discontinued to Van. All discontinued right-of-way sold.

Photograph of Union Pacific Caboose 25739 on display near the T&P Depot in Grand Saline.


Charles P. Zlatkovich's book "Texas Railroads, A record of Construction and Abandonment" mirrors the above data with the following. It is interesting to note that he does not show control by the T&P.

1902 Grand Saline to MP 4.5 (+4.5 mi)
1903 MP 4.5 to Hoyt (+4.86)
1922 Grand Saline to Salt Works (-1.41)
1922 Alba to Coal Mine (-1.41)
1930 Grand Saline to Van (+11.51)
1959 Alba to Grand Saline (-9.79)
1962 Grand Saline to Van (-11.39 abandoned)

Modern Photographs - Tower 130

Facing north, the water tower in the distance marks the TSL north/south right-of-way. Interlocker 130 at the T&P crossing would have been somewhere in the foreground. The field between the water tower and rails was probably the TSL yards. At least one sizeable concrete foundation is located along the west edge of the field.  Photo by Jim King.

The Grand Saline water tower was built in the abandoned swale of the Texas Short Line Railroad right-of-way a few dozen yards north of US80.

Location Map - Interlocker 130


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