txrrhistory.com - Unknown Tower - Fort Worth, Texas

This photo of a tower located in Fort Worth, TX is from the collection of Ed Seay, Jr.  The location and identity of this tower is currently unknown to those of us working on the web page.  If you can, please help us identify the location.  The caption on the photo is all the information we have.

Fort Worth is known to have seven numbered interlockers.  Tower's 55 and 60 were well known and documented. The other locations in Fort Worth seem to be more obscure.  Tower 18 was east of the Cotton Belt's Hodge Yard where the T&P would have crossed the Cotton Belt.  Tower 53 was south of Tower 55, in the vicinity of MKT's Ney yard.  

Tower 124 was at Bird's siding on the ATSF. We have a modern photo posted, but do not know if a manned tower operated at this location.  Tower 126 could also have been known as Polk Tower.  Again located south of Tower 55, the need for this tower would have gone away when the GC&SF and H&TC swapped main lines in the area to make operations easier.  Tower 192 is listed as a crossing of the CRI&P and another unknown road, at "Purina Jct" just south of the CRI&P Peach Yard and the large Purina Milling complex

All of the above speculations does not include a possible location for the structure pictured above.  Where is the pictured location and why was it not included the the Railroad Commission of Texas numbered interlocking locations?  Please provide any assistance you by contacting us.

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