Interlocking Tower, T&P Hollywood Yard, Shreveport, Louisiana

We now have two photographs showing the Texas and Pacific interlocking tower controlling the approach to Hollywood Yard in Shreveport, Louisiana.  The first photo comes from the collection of Bill Pollard and was was taken by William L. Colburn in 1958.  Although this photo was taken with available lighting at nighttime, notice the detail of numerous tracks, the tower with mechanical rods running off in the distance, and set of T&P F-units in back in the yard.

The second photo comes to us from the collection of Chuck Harris.  This daylight photo shows the tower from a different side. Photo was taken by A.E. Brown about 1938-1940.  This tower is believed to have served at the west end of the yard near 70th Street.  Photo taken looking west toward Reisor.

If you can assist in further identifying the location or function of this Louisiana tower, please contact us.  We will update this page with additional information as it comes to us.

T&P Hollywood Yard Tower, Shreveport, Louisiana - looking east into the yard.
Photo by William L. Colburn in 1958.  From the collection of Bill Pollard.

T&P Hollywood Yard Tower, Shreveport, Louisiana - looking west toward Reisor.

Photo by A. E. Brown circa 1938-1940.  From the collection of Chuck Harris

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