Texas Railroad History - Tower 147 - Lantana

A Crossing of the Missouri Pacific Railroad and the Southern Pacific Railroad

Randy Curlin provides these photos and information regarding the interlocker at Lantana. Thanks, Randy!

"The Lantana location was extremely obscure and I doubt that many photos exist. It was the location of the MP Rio Hondo Branch running from San Benito to Rio Hondo crossing the SP line to Brownsville. SP movements had priority. It was protected by a swinging gate (from 1970s MoPac timetables) then later homemade stop signs (1990s). The branch was sold to the Rio Valley Switching Co to serve a remaining petro-chemical firm around 1997. By 1998 the firm stopped shipping by rail and the line was abandoned and removed in 1999."

Photos by Randy Curlin, April 1999

Above: This photo was taken from the south-west quadrant looking east toward Rio Hondo. It shows the MP line with its homemade stop sign with the SP line in the background. Below: This photo is looking south on the SP toward Brownsville. The MP Rio Hondo branch ran from San Benito (right) to Rio Hondo (left). The white post was the only evidence of a swinging gate that once protected movements across the diamond.

Satellite Image, Tower 147 location

Above: The center of the image above shows the location of the Tower 147 interlocker. The MP and SP lines crossed in an X-pattern. The approximately horizontal tracks are the former SP tracks which are still intact. The MP tracks were removed c.1999. The map below shows the crossing near the community of Lantana.

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