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Historic Photos - Tower 92
Photos provided by Jim Burns, New Braunfels Historic Railroad & Modeler's Society

Tower 92 near Bridge St. controlled train movements
where the MKT (Katy) and intersected with the
Missouri Pacific.

In this view of Tower 92 looking east, note the semaphores which
control the approach to the crossing.  The I&GN passenger station
is visible to the left of the mainline.  In the distance, a steam engine
can be seen switching the New Braunfels yard.

Tower 92 operator John Lovin is shown at his post surrounded by a train order
hoop, telegraph sounder, lanterns and other paraphernalia of his trade.

Looking west at Tower 92 shows the Comal Power Plant and a grain
elevator belonging to Landa Industries.  Both were big shippers on
the International & Great Northern (I&GN) Railroad, later Missouri
Pacific Lines.  The railcar at right is marked SAU&G for the San Antonio,
Uvalde and Gulf RR.

Location Map - Tower 92


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