Texas Railroad History - Tower 60 - North Fort Worth

A Crossing of the Fort Worth & Denver (FW&D), the Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe (GC&SF), the St. Louis Southwestern ("Cotton Belt"), and the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific (CRI&P)

Numerous railroads built into (or out of) Fort Worth on the north side of town, and many of them came together at a major junction near the Ft. Worth Stockyards. Tower 60 was commissioned there as an electric interlocker on July 1, 1905 to control the crossings of the FW&D, GC&SF, Cotton Belt, and Rock Island railroads. The structure survived into the modern era, but is no longer standing.

Historic Photo of Tower 60

Museum of the American Railroad collection

Pat Flynn describes changes to the Tower 60 junction as of November, 2000:

On November 20, 2000 the complex trackage of the Fort Worth & Western (FWWR, former Cotton Belt), the Union Pacific (ex-Rock Island) and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF, originally FW&D and GC&SF tracks) at the location known as Tower 60, just north of downtown, was modified. The goal was to eliminate one of the four crossings-at-grade, and replace the deteriorating and expensive to maintain diamond. The FWWR's three diamonds, two with BNSF (FW&D and Santa Fe crossings) and one with UP, were not affected. The "southernmost" crossing of the four, the UP/BNSF one, has been replaced with a pair of dual-control switches. The UP route (north and south) is now the "straight rail" thru the east side of Tower 60. BNSF trains on the old "Denver" main now must use the diverging route of both switches in order to travel between Tower 55 downtown and North Yard. Signals were changed on the old FW&D line to reflect the new track arrangement, namely the adding of double target approach signals, and another signal head added at Tower 60. This new layout of Tower 60 (which is still controlled by the BNSF DS-22 dispatcher, the old Santa Fe Ft Worth Sub) will allow for several possible new routes. There has long been talk of getting a connecting track between the UP and the old FW&D in order to allow southbound grain trains off the former Rock Island line to switch over to the old FW&D line as they approach Tower 55, avoiding the steep grade on the UP from Peach, which often requires pushers. Also, BNSF trains bound for the DFW sub (or Waxahachie sub) no longer will have to fiddle with the hand throw switches between the BNSF and UP lines near Peach. The movement to UP tracks will now be accomplished with the power switches and signals at the "new" Tower 60. Should make for some interesting train routings between Towers 55 and 60.

Modern Photos of Tower 60

Photo by Gary Morris in October 1976

Photo by Gary Morris in October 1976

Photo by Gary Morris - October 1976

Location Map for Tower 60

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