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STAMFORD, TEXAS. Stamford is on U.S. Highway 277, State Highway 6, Farm roads 1420 and 2834, and the Burlington Northern Railroad, in northern Jones County. Part of Stamford is in Haskell County. H. McHarg, president of the Texas Central Railroad, named the site in 1900 for his hometown in Connecticut. The Texas Central and the Swenson brothers, local ranchers who owned the townsite and the surrounding area, cooperated to market lots and develop business. The first post office opened in December 1899 in a railroad boxcar. The Stamford and Northwestern Railway Company was organized to link Stamford and Spur, then leased to the Wichita Valley Railway Company in 1908.

The Texas Cowboy Reunion, an annual event on the Fourth of July, has thrived since 1930. Rodeos are held in a natural amphitheater west of town adjacent to the Swenson Ranch. Federal Bicentennial funding in the 1970s helped found the Cowboy Country Museum in Stamford. The population of Stamford was 4,810 in 1940, 5,805 in 1950, 4,259 in 1960, 4,558 in 1970, and 4,542 in 1980. An industrial park was opened in 1964 with a large new building, and a modern hospital extension dates from 1977. Lake Stamford, in Haskell County, provides recreation and the town's water supply. In 1990 the population was 3,817.

Text from the Handbook of Texas Online

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