txrrhistory.com - Depot - Mumford, Texas

This photo came identified as Medford, Texas.  There is no information in the Handbook of Texas Online about a Medford, Texas. What location is this? If you know, please contact us. Could this actually be Mumford?

MUMFORD, TEXAS. Mumford was on the Missouri Pacific line and Farm Road 50 in extreme southeastern Robertson County. It was named for one of the earliest county residents, Jesse Mumford, who in 1855 successfully petitioned the county court for a license to operate a ferry at a site on the Brazos just east of old Fort Tenoxtitlán. The community was established on the east bank of the Brazos in a plantation area. In 1891 the Hearne and Brazos Valley Railway built into the area.

The first iron bridge near Mumford was erected in 1895 across the Brazos, connecting Robertson and Burleson counties. By then Mumford's population was reported as 550. A major flood washed away much of the town and the railroad in 1899.

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