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Photo courtsey of The Wharton, TX Depot Restoration Committee, William Loocke, Co-Chairman.

LOUISE, TEXAS. Louise is on U.S. Highway 59 and the Southern Pacific Railroad nine miles west of El Campo in far southwestern Wharton County. Before 1846 the area was a part of Jackson County, and until 1881 it was sparsely settled and used as free range for cattle by local Gulf Coast ranchers.

In 1881 the New York, Texas and Mexican line laid track between Rosenberg and Victoria. John Mackay, part-owner of a Nevada silver mine, was the major investor. Count Joseph Telfener supplied many of the railroad workers, a fact that resulted in the nickname "Macaroni Line." In 1882 the line was completed, and on it were established six stations, one of which was named Louise, after the woman who was wife to John Mackay and sister-in-law to Telfener.

Text from the Handbook of Texas Online

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