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DICKINSON, TEXAS. Dickinson is on State Highway 3 at the edge of the Galveston metropolitan area in the northwest corner of Galveston County. It was named after John Dickinson, who in 1824 received a Mexican grant for land just north of the community's present site. A settlement called Dickinson existed on Dickinson's Bayou shortly before 1850.

The Galveston, Houston and Henderson Railroad, one of the earliest chartered in Texas, was built straight through Dickinson. In 1857 one of the railroad's directors, Ebenezer B. Nichols, built a summer estate on Dickinson Bayou.

During the Civil Warqv Dickinson was a Confederate town. The Nolan home there served as a Confederate hospital, and Gen. John B. Magruder used the GH&H railroad for his successful retaking of Galveston in 1863. The town had a post office in 1890 registered under its current name.

By 1911 the Galveston and Houston Electric Railway Company had three stops in Dickinson, and prominent Galvestonians had established the Oleander Country Club and built homes there.

In 1990 it had an estimated population of 9,497 and more than 150 businesses. Dickinson has been an agricultural service center, a residential community, and the site of a mineral-oil processor. It once had a reputation as a strawberry capital. The Dickinson Railroad Museum testifies to the town's past as a commercial hub.

Text from the Handbook of Texas Online

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