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COUPLAND, TEXAS. Coupland is on State Highway 95 twenty-five miles northeast of Austin in Williamson County. The town was established and lots were sold in 1887, when the Bastrop and Taylor Railway was under construction.

Coupland was named for Maj. Theodore van Buren Coupland, who settled in the area at that time. The post office was begun in 1889, with John Goetz as postmaster. By 1900 the town was a prosperous meeting place for the Swedish, German, and Swiss farmers who had settled in the surrounding area.

In the early 1980s Coupland had a population of 135, a church, a post office, a bank, an eight-grade school, a gin, a grain elevator, a community center, a restored depot and museum, a construction company, a grocery store, and the Old Coupland Inn, a popular eating establishment. In the early 1990s Coupland continued to report a population of 135.

Text from the Handbook of Texas Online

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