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So which Caddo depot is this? The Handbook of Texas Online has 3 references to communities in Texas named Caddo. None of the descriptions reference a railroad serving any of the 3 towns. If you have any information on this depot, please contact us.

CADDO, TEXAS (Stephens County). Caddo, at the junction of U.S. Highway 180, Farm Road 717, and Park Road 33 in east central Stephens County, was established in the late 1870s on a Caddo Indian campsite.

CADDO, TEXAS (Milam County). Caddo (Caddo Springs) was a farming community on Farm Road 2027 two miles northwest of Baileyville in northern Milam County. It was supposedly named for an Indian campground. Area schools were part of the Baileyville system until the early 1970s, when they were consolidated with the Rosebud Independent School District in Falls County.

CADDO, TEXAS (Wilson County). Caddo is on Farm Road 3335 eighteen miles northeast of Floresville in eastern Wilson County. The community was first settled around the time of the Civil War.qv A school was in operation there by 1896, when it had an enrollment of sixty-four. In the mid-1930s Caddo had a school, a gin, a church, and a number of houses. After World War IIqv the school and gin were closed, and in the early 1990s only the church and a few scattered houses remained.

Text from the Handbook of Texas Online

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