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BREMOND, TEXAS. Bremond is at the junction of State Highway 14 and Farm roads 46, 2413, 2954, and 2293, ten miles east of the Brazos River in northwestern Robertson County. It received its name from Paul Bremond. The site was part of the original 1841 land grant of Mary Peterson, widow of John Peterson, who died in the Texas Revolution.qv Peterson's heir sold the property to William Keigwin in 1850. In 1869 Keigwin transferred the land to William Baker and a group of investors, among them William M. Rice, who surveyed and subdivided the tract. The investors granted a right-of-way through Bremond to the Houston and Texas Central Railway Company in 1869. Articles of incorporation were forwarded to the secretary of state on August 12, 1869. The first train pulled into Bremond on June 15, 1870, with over 1,000 well-wishers present for the occasion. The town was incorporated on August 13, 1870.

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